screenshot of Arachne's network
Arachne’s network

Arachne1 is the generator that renders this site.


Arachne parses files written in custom Indental (database) and Runic (templating) formats and renders static web pages. Additional data is derived from my time-tracker and Intra databases. The site is then hosted on Vercel.

  .key: value
    ; block elements
    ~h1 heading 1
    ~h2 heading 2
    ~p paragraph
    ~code code block
    ~ol ordered list
    ~ul unordered list
    ~img image | caption
    ~html custom HTML block
    ~quote quote | author | source | link
    ~math {?var | title?} = #number# + {?x | x?}
    ; inline elements
    ~p [!text | ISO 639-1!]
    ~p [/time | timestamp/]
    ~p ["quote | source"]
    ~p [^abbr | meaning^]
    ~p [+text | link+]
    ~p [#inline code#]
    ~p [?db.query?]
    ~p ['citation']
    ~p [_key_]


  1. Data from Intra and Log are parsed and summarised into JSON files
  2. The .tome files are parsed, their contents converted to HTML
  3. Log data is injected into project pages
  4. The final web pages are generated


The wiki contains 604 files 2 (62 MB): 460 media files (62 MB) and 108 pages (462 kB) generated from 23 tomes (204 kB) and 2 Intra summaries (62 kB).


Efficiency (226.09 %) here is the ratio of input (tomes) to output (web pages). A 1:1 ratio would mean I might as well just manually type out HTML. The dream is a self-documenting wiki that requires minimal to no input.

Do more and more with less and less until eventually you can do everything with nothing.

R. Buckminster Fuller, Nine Chains to the Moon


Here’s a glance at some of this site’s previous iterations. I never can seem to settle. I’m currently happy with the latest design (the one you’re interacting with now), but I’ll probably redesign it again later.